Friday, September 26, 2008

Pacman Vs. Dela Hoya

In an event that will happen a few months from now, who do you think will win?

Both fighters are know to be the best at their prime, but which of the two do you think will win? will it be the Filipino sensation Pacman or the the Golden Boy?

Both fighters have come a long way in their careers, both have its ups and downs, but the Pacman seems to be enjoying the winning streak while the other one has recently suffered a loss, but who do you think will be the better man?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pete Sampras Vs. Rodger Fedderer

Both Athletes are what Tennis considers to be a phenominal athletes,
But who do you think is the best?

Pete Sampras is the current holder of the most grandslam titles won in the history of Tennis, Fedderer is one grandslam away to tying the title and still at his prime looks like he even might get more titles than what Pete has done, So who is the Best?

Both men in my opinion has what it takes to be great, even though Pete had retired he still defeated Fedderer in an Exhibition match, if he hadn't had problems because of injuries he might have not retired earlier and had probably won more titles in the last 3 years of his career.

Fedderer however, seemed to be making a lot of winning especially now he won the US open 5th consecutive times which no one has ever done before. With the age advantage and the healthy and fit body, a lot of questions can arise, can he get more than what Pete had achieve?

Both Players in their Primes are the dominant one's, but which of them will be the greatest??

POST YOUR COMMENTS lets see who do you think is the best.