Saturday, August 30, 2008

Top 10 Sports Icons on my list

Every one has his ranks of their great Sports Idols to which some always have a common factor with the rest of the world. Players of different fields are the people that kids and even the adults look up to, they even give good influences while a child is growing up and dream that they could get what their sports heroes have reached.

Here are my Top 10 Sports Icons:

1 Michael Jordan-

All over the world they know his name, and until know even if he is retired from basketball all his promotions, signature modeled shoes and other stuffs are one of the best sellers in the market today.
Kids look up to him and wish he'd still be playing because no body right now in the NBA could ever match what he left the league with.

2. Pete Sampras-

In my personal opinion, he is far the greatest Tennis player of all time. Even though he hasn't won a title in the French open like what Andre Agassi, Andi Roddick and other players did, his style of attacking the net, giving high speed Aces, and proving even retired he could beat the number one seed that Tennis has to offer today,
Pete will be remember as a great inspiration to all who would like to become a Superstar someday of the game of Tennis.

3. Tiger Woods-

Today he is one of the best players of the Golf tournaments. Dominated the game ever since he joined the PGA, he has been the inspiration of kids today because of his smooth strokes, slick smile and down to earth attitude.

4. Michael Schumacher-

Fast and the Furious, Michael has been the greatest driver the world has ever known, Since 1994-2006

he has won 7 world championships in his name and as he retired way back 2006 he left the world of racing
with a win on the Chinese Grand Pix in 2006.

5. Wayne Gretzky-

The Great one, as what fans and writers call him, Wayne was name the greatest Hockey Player of all time by many writers especially he is the only Athlete to score 200 points in one season before he retired in 1999.

6. Many Pacquiao-

Pacman currently holder of 3 belts, has been one of the greatest inspiration of the 3rd world countries, Coming from a humble beginnings and suddenly a boxing icon, Manny has inspired his country men that everyone can achieve success and greatest through hard work, discipline, praying and believing in their dreams.

7. Steve Nash-

From a back up point guard to a MVP winner, Nash has been idolized by a lot of players in the world who dreams of becoming a MVP winner themselves.

8. Bret Hart-

In the wrestling business Bret Hart's name would not be forgotten especially their family since not long ago The Hart Foundation was once the bread and butter of the company. Bret at one time became the Icon of Canada and the most famous Athlete in their country. Upon his retirement bret has been busy helping his country through sports and Educational plays.

9. The rock-

Dwayne Johnson has been the most successful wrestler/actor today. Writers say he is the next Arnold Schwarzenegger because of his well built body and charming looks. His career which started in the wrestling business gave him the reputation of becoming the great one and the people's champion with the famous people's eyebrow. Today Dwayne has been shooting a lot of movies which he is awaiting to win an Oscar when time comes.

10. Muhammad Ali-

Known to be as the greatest boxer of all time, he inspires boxers to think that the mind is stronger than the fists. Ali has been defined as the best of his time because of his gracefulness, charisma and clever moves that could manipulate anyone in the ring.

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